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What clients say:

I thought there had to be a better way to do this [choose favorite photos from a shoot] and voilĂ - you made it happen!

Maria W., after choosing favorite photos of her son

What's new:

Customize your client gallery

Today we launch customization options for your client proofing galleries.

Since many of you preferred to have your photographs displayed on a dark background, from now on the Pro account holders will be able to choose between Light and Dark themes for their client galleries.

Together with themes comes custom branding. Instead of PixyLike logo your client galleries can now show your own name.

If you are using the pro subscription to PixyLike (or the fully functional trial period) click Settings in the top menu of photographer page and customize your client proofing gallery today!

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Photography proofing the PixyLike way

PixyLike online proofing galleries were designed to save your time. Engage your clients in your photo workflow by allowing them to choose their favorite images from the photo shoot before you retouch them. Once you know which photographs your client is going to purchase, you only need to post-process those photos, without having to spend all that time retouching digital files that will never be used.

Extremely easy to use and intuitive

Your clients will only need to click or tap on each photo they like. PixyLike is that simple to use! And best of all- there is nothing to install. Neither for you or your client. Here is a short viedo showing how things work:

Photographers who will make the most out of PixyLike

Wedding photographers
Portrait photographers
Product photographers
Baby photographers
Fashion photographers
And everyone else who would like to do less editing

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PixyLike online proofing software

Connecting photographers with their clients

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