The PixyLike way

PixyLike is an online photo proofing system made for truly digital photographers who appreciate the value of their time and love taking pictures more than anything.

Our online photo proofing service is the only online tool focused on the process of your clients making their choice and saving your time.

Unlike other proofing services that focus on print sales, PixyLike shifts attention to what your client wants instead. By doing so we save your time and enable you to deliver fewer, thus more thoroughly processed, images.

Increased client satisfaction

Your clients will just love to get a sneak-preview of the photoshoot outcome. Why not make use of that? Let your client choose their favorite photos at the same time they get to see the "raw material".

They get involved in the selection process while also getting the opportunity to take their time and choose their favorite photos in the comfort of their own home.

In return you get to know which photos they will buy from you and never have to retouch every single shot from the session again. Mission complete- your time was saved!


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