Can I try out your proofing service before I buy?

For sure you can! We want you to be certain that you will save time by using our product, therefore we offer a whole month of fully functional trial period.

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How secure is PixyLike?

We are using a very long random key to link to your clients photos. In fact, it is more likely to get hit by lightning than guess the URL!

As long as you and your cuctomer keep the key safe, your photos are only there for your private viewing!

I ran out of client credits/my account expired. Can I still edit the existing clients?

Absolutely, every client account is valid for a month from the day it was created. Throughout the time you are free to add or delete photographs from the profile.

What limitations apply to file upload?

None really*. If you want the easy way out, just upload high resolution jpegs and we will deal with the rest. If you want to upload faster, resize your images to be 1000 pixels on the long edge and upload those. Smaller files will travel through the network much faster hence require less waiting.

* For security reasons we had to apply a limit of 60MB per file. Which should be just fine for most types of web display. In case you encounter issues with this, please contact us via support email.

What types of memberships are there and what do they cost?

There are two types of memberships.

1: A yearly subscription with unlimited number of client galleries which you can create throughout the year for a fixed fee. It also gives you additional customization benefits and usefull tools to further improve your photo workflow.
This subscription is aimed at profesionals who deliver to multiple clients every week.

2: Client-gallery based subscription where you purchase credits and use those for creating client accounts. You can buy 20 client credits and your purchase does not have any expiry date. This is great if you are just strating out.

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How can I pay?

Most major credit cards are accepted. PixyLike uses PayPal to handle your payments in a secure way.

When do I pay?

You will be redirected to paymen prompt after your free trial period has ended. Afterwards, the same payment section will appear when your yearly membership expires or when you run out of client credits.

What browsers are supported?

Current versions of all modern browsers are supported.

What devices are supported?

Desktops, laptops, pads and mobile phones. All that can run a reasonably recent web browser will deliver photos.

What does the photographers page look like?

Screenshot of PixyLike online proofing photographers dashboard, showing easy to use interface.

Is it hard to add photos to a client gallery?

In fact, adding photos is very easy- just drag and drop them into the page or click the Add files... button. You can add hundreds of files in one go or add them in smaller batches.

Screenshot of PixyLike online proofing system showing how to upload photos to a client gallery for proofing.

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