Customize your client gallery

Today we launch customization options for your client proofing galleries.

Since many of you preferred to have your photographs displayed on a dark background, from now on the Pro account holders will be able to choose between Light and Dark themes for their client galleries.

Together with themes comes custom branding. Instead of PixyLike logo your client galleries can now show your own name.

If you are using the pro subscription to PixyLike (or the fully functional trial period) click Settings in the top menu of photographer page and customize your client proofing gallery today!

Allow clients to communicate with you

If you seek detailed feedback from your clients about the photos they select, you will love the new commenting feature of PixyLike.

To enable commenting, just check the "Comments On" check box for the gallery. Try them out!

New functionality

Today we launch additional functionality to help photographers deliver photo proofs to their clients.

By adding the possibility to change behavior of the client gallery we become more flexible in adopting various workflows that photographers might have.

As of today every new gallery defaults to being a Proof gallery, which works as PixyLike always did. Proof gallery allows clients to choose photos. You can also switch the type to Review. Changing gallery type to Review will remove all functionality from the client page and only allow your customer to review the photos.

One sample use case would be first allowing clients to choose their favorite images in the proof gallery. Afterwards you can finish retouching and upload the final photos for client to review.

How do you use @pixylike?

More UI updates

We have just gone live with updates to the user interface. These updates affect the whole of PixyLike; so both photographers and their clients.

With just slight visual improvements implemented with this update, we also have made some big changes in the back-end system which results in better performance and overall feel of the proofing galleries.

Next stop- a Lightroom plugin to make proofing even faster! Stay tuned.

Improving client experience

Last week was spent on further improving client experience! Two major changes to the client page were made.

First of all there will be no more login page for your clients. Client mail will contain a unique link to the gallery. This means you no longer have to come up with a client password and your clients will avoid having to type the password in!

The other big thing is improved page load time. Now clients can start choosing photos before all of them are loaded into the browser. Photos are loaded while the clients scroll through their gallery, this way avoiding initial pre-loading wait time.

Looking forward to feedback on the faster and smoother client page. Send us a tweet @pixylike

Client interface update

A small update to your clients interface: from now on clients are able to see all photos in thumbnail mode as well. To toggle thumbnail view, just click on the thumbnail button next to 'Filter'. Photos can be chosen in either list of thumbnail modes- same as before, your clients only need to click or tap on the photo or the thumbnail image. To see a screenshot of thumbs in action click here.

We hope that this makes selection process much easier, especially when it comes to larger galleries or when you want to compare several images side by side.

Special thanks to photographer Tony D. for taking the time to write to us with the suggestion. We are always looking forward to tips on how we could make your and your clients lives easier.

Gone free!

After long debates we have decided to... go free! Yes, you have read correctly. At least to the end of this year in it's full functionality is available for no money at all.

Well, to be honest nothing in this world comes completely free. We have to remove support... We will take care of the servers and make sure all is running, but will not be able to guarantee that we can answer your specific questions about specific situations on how you use our proofing services in a timely fashion.

That said, we will try to do our best and make sure all of your problems are cleared asap and you can continue to deliver best quality photos to your customers through pixylike.

Time flies- make the best out of this free year!

Updated looks!

We could never be more proud or happy! Today we are moving out of beta state and finally become a real product. We celebrate this with a fresh look which hopefully you will enjoy just as well!

Client section was updated and scrolling through images is much smoother. Selecting favorite photo is easier as well- it is enough to click/tap on the photo, no need to be precise and click on the check mark.

One of the most requested changes so far was the ability to upload larger images. From today we will be accepting photos up to 1000px in size. As the matter of fact, if you don't want to bother about this too much, you can just upload full size images from your camera- the new upload interface will deal with the resizing for you! Smaller photos are fine as well, they will stay of the size you made them.

Jump right in and try us out!

With hopes that we save your time,
PixyLike team.

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Photo counter now available

We have added a counter in the client section to indicate how many photographs have already been chosen.

This is in order to guide your customers when you have a contract for a specific number of photos that should be chosen or in case the client is paying by the photo, knowing how many you have chosen is a good thing as well.

PixyLike is now live!

As the first entry to the news section, I would like to express my joy of having PixyLike online proof gallery for photographers finally open to the public.

I truly hope that our proofing services will save a lot of time for both photographers and their clients by eliminating the unnecessary work that surrounds selection of favorite photographs from a photo shoot.

I also thank both photographers and their clients that were involved in the initial testing. Your help was very valuable and much appreciated!

Enjoy proofing your work through PixyLike!

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